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The Coromandel Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism – Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

Te Kouma Harbour Cottages is serious about our environment.

We have put in place sustainability initiatives to reduce waste, monitor resource use and give back to both community-based and environmental projects.

Mission Statement

Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group

At Te Kouma Harbour Cottages we really value our magnificent natural surroundings, and understand that the success of our business and community depends on the well-being of the resources around us. In an effort to better understand how to practise what we have believed in for so long, we have joined The Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group, and are consistently working towards efforts such as reducing waste produced as a result of business activities, monitoring resource use to then reduce and better manage its use, and giving back to both community-based and environmental projects around the beautiful Coromandel. We hope that as a visitor to our region you can help us by joining in and doing the same.

Sustainability Initiatives

  1. At Te Kouma Harbour Cottages we attempt to divert as much waste as possible from landfills by having recycling stations around the park.
  2. We monitor waste, electricity and gas on a monthly basis.
  3. Our on-site sewerage system is closely monitored by management at Te Kouma Harbour Cottages as well as externally by Environment Waikato.
  4. We consider the supply chain and always attempt to purchase sustainably sourced goods and products for the business – including all guest room amenities.
  5. We have an ongoing relationship and commitment to both local and national charities and community groups.

For further details please contact the region's sustainable tourism advisor: Lexie Sandano